Texas Alliance of Paralegal Associations

HPA has been a participatory member of TAPA, the Texas Alliance of Paralegal Associations, since 1999.

The Texas Alliance of Paralegal Associations (TAPA) was formed in 1982, when representatives of local paralegal associations in Texas met to exchange ideas and to establish a network for communication and support. 

TAPA offers an opportunity or the exchange of ideas and information on continuing education activities, programs, publications, membership, public relation projects, and recent legislation and case law. TAPA supports the formation and continued development of paralegal associations. TAPA is a voluntary professional organization of participating associations who alternate as hosts for meetings which are held  once a year in the Sprin) in different cities throughout Texas. Each association presents verbal and written presentations on its progress and professional growth. Each association is represented by two delegates; however, all members of participating associations are welcome to attend the meetings as observers.

TAPA now includes 25 participating associations who work together to further the profession’s purposes and objectives by:

  • promoting the paralegal profession;
  • monitoring and participating in developments in the paralegal profession;
  • developing and maintaining a statewide communications network among paralegal associations;
  • developing and maintaining communications with other members of the legal community; and
  • encouraging and enhancing continued education and professional growth of legal assistants/paralegals.

In April 2023, HPA hosted TAPA at the Hilton Galveston Island Resort in Galveston.


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