NALA Certifying Board Announces New Examination Specifications - Effective 2018

NALA CP Exam Format

The NALA Certified Paralegal Examination will consist of two required sections taken in the following order: 


  • The Knowledge Exam will consist of multiple choice questions covering the topic areas listed in Appendix A ( see NALA 2017 CP Exam Announcement.pdf )
  • The Knowledge Exam will be administered on-demand, year-round at testing centers with preliminary result reporting upon completion.
  • Candidates must successfully complete the Knowledge Exam in order ot be eligible to take the Skills Exam.



  • The Skills Exam will consist of a written assignment; specifications are set forth in Appendix A ( see NALA 2017 CP Exam Announcement.pdf )
  • The Skills Exam will be administered During four testing windows each year: February, April, July, and October.

Successful completion of both the Knowledge and skills Exams is required to obtain the Certified Paralegal credential

Fore more information regarding application fees and requirements, testing centers information and examination polices, please visit the NALA website at www.nala.org



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